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My Backstory
I was still 10 when I received my letter, since I was already up to what they'd teach 3rd years I skipped to that grade, I was from a pureblood family, even though we don't really like to brag, I actually do well in class and enjoy learning but can NEVER finish homework, I enjoy hanging out with ghosts and spend a lot of time focusing on music.
I'm a Slytherin but try to help out people as much as possible, I don't mind muggle borns and have spend a lot of time in the muggle world, I also have a knack for reading.
I don't really mind anyone due to the fact that I try to see their reasons for doing what they do, I am a generally nice person and am intrigued by a lot of things including ghosts and new students.
Even though I don't show it I am rather smart, Don't be afraid to talk to me, I enjoy making new friends and also like a good debate. I don't tolerate bullying though.
I am laid back and relaxed and enjoy searching deeper into things that interest me.