Jane Louise Millicent
Hello fellow Hogwarts students and Wizards! My name is Jane! Be free to follow me, i follow back! Picture from: Favim.com
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My Backstory
Hi; my name is Jane. Or actually Jane Louise Millicent. I got very exctited when i got my letter. I grew up in Denmark, and unfortunately, there is no School for Witchcraft and Wizardry there.
And then you may think, then why did she get a letter, inviting her to go to a English boarding school? Well, my dad is British. He grew up living close to Wizards. Thats why i know so much about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. My grandfather knew about Wizards, so he worked for them, as a undercover. He delivered news about the muggle world. Thats why my grandfather, dad and I know so much about wizards. And that is also why i attended Hogwarts. My grandfather had a close relationship to Albus Dumbledore.
My mum got pretty surprised when she found out that i was attending Hogwarts. She always knew that my father believed in magic, but she had never thought, that I was a wizard.
Now a bit about me. Well, as i told you before, my name is Jane. I love reading, painting and casting spells. My favorite class is Transfiguration. My Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw. I already got a few friends at Hogwarts, which i am very happy about, because i never really had friends. Not real ones.
I am already enjoying Hogwarts. When i aren´t in class, i spend a lot of time in the library. Thats my happy place.