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Information about me

Name: Savanna Grace Reyes

Age: 16

nicknames:Vanna, Annie, Gracie, Gray

pronouns: she/they/theirs/hers

sexuality: pansexual



Info about my main character 

Name: Jasmin Julianna Reyes

Nicknames: Jazzy, Jules, JJ

Age: 17

blood status: muggleborn

Hair Color: Brown with green peakaboo highlights

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5'6

Birthday: September 30 2004

instruments played: Drums and Electric Guitar

Sexuality: pansexual 

relationship status: single

Gender Orientation: gender fluid Pronouns: they/she/them/hers/theirs



2nd character info

Name: Casper Juniper Black

Age: 15

blood status: pureblood

Birthday: January 16

Hair color: black with blue highlights

Eye color: Brown with golden specs

Height: 5'2

Animagus: otter

Wand: Cedar wood with a Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2' and suprisingly swishy flexibility

Patronous: a otter

Sexuality: bisexual 

Gender: agender pronouns: they/them

Nicknames: CJ, (the rest is your choice)

favorite subject: potions

least favorite: defense against the dark arts



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