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Hi! I'm Jezebel Luna heartstring and I'm a slytherin. I've always wanted to be a slytherin because of mama and papa they to are slytherins and are also purebloods and have been have carried on the name heartstring for the last 14 hundred years I want to make my family proud but I am here to learn and study for myself not just my family I hope to make friends and have a few boyfriends I am bringing my pet cat Emory who is black with white in some places I love her so much so when I got my letter saying I could bring her along I was thrilled Emory is very sweet and the runt of the litter so she is really small I myself am 5'3 so I am short too I am also for Ireland. My parents are death eaters and since we are such a high ranking family I have just found out I am to marry the notorious Draco malfoy who in fact has been one of my good friends from when I was a child. I do not want to be bad though, I want to make my own choices in life so that's why I love Hogwarts, it's to find myself and to make my own choices.

My story begins when one day I was walking through the halls and was turning a corner and smacked into Harry Potter himself I had just knocked him to the ground!!! “Are ye alright?!?!” My thick accent coming through with every word “yeah but you kinda knocked the wind out of me” I helped Potter up. “Here I'll take you to the nurse” Potter just nodded. “I am Heartstring, Jezebel Heartstring. Daughter to Bribri and Anna Heartstring and I truly appreciate that you're letting me help you even though I knocked you down.” Potter just laughed at that. “ did I say something wrong?” Potter shook his head no. “I just find it funny that a death eater is helping me.” I became angry. “Well I'm oh so sorry of gracing you with my presents you clotpole and I'll have you know that Merlin himself was in slytherin it doesn't mean that we're all bad and follow he who must not be named some of us you cast out because we're blood traitors and your going to help you kill voldemort when the time comes!” I went on as Potter stared in awe “well I'd hate to have someone be against your options you boyfriend must have some respect for you.” Now that threw me off guard. “I don't have a boyfriend I'm engaged but I do not love him.” Potters stood flabbergasted. “Wait! What? How are you engaged why don't you love them who are they do they go here?!” I turned around and smacked him. “Sorry but you need to shut up. I am engaged to Draco malfoy and I do not love him for he is a death eater and I do not wish to become a tool for the dark lord.” It was after saying that, that I realized I had gained the trust of Harry Potter and I would soon help him defeat the dark lord along with Draco who switched sides to show how much he loved me and to prove he was different from his father.
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