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There is a house. One enters it blind and comes out seeing. What is it ?

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Although my parent's origins are of primarily pure blood ancestry from Africa and Hibernia, We do have some muggle blood of course. And, as with most living creatures our family history hints at bloodlines to other ancient and not-so-ancient non-wizard genetics.

My mother was a researcher for the Wizards' Council. My father was a translator for the International Confederation of Wizards.His area of expertise was dark arts offenders' rights, especially for minors.

I was educated primarily in private tutoring as my parents were travelers.I spent my last two years of school at Ilvermorny school, from 1996-7.
During this time I lived with my aunt,a squib who married into our family.
She and I lived above her pastry shop with my younger cousin.I still visit my aunt for tea on her birthday every year.

I love to learn and so I have made a profession for myself in research and education. I mostly write and edit instructional texts. I also help with larger organizations' research projects.

My favorite place is deep in the woods, after a lengthy exploration in the library.
Animals frequently follow me and usually much to my surprise, as do young children and odd fellows.

I have an affinity for the dark arts and divination; whether I like it or not; but my passion is all spells zoological.

I am unluckily practicing towards becoming an Animagus but I am beginning to doubt my potential.

Although mostly tight lipped, you will hear me explain difficult concepts in classes and you just might catch me singing in the baths over school holidays.

Due to Hogwarts' history and importance, I am often conducting research projects here for my own papers or, as of now,facts checking for a few text book companies.

Wand: 12.75 inches_ Coral Bark Maple_Core: Mami Wata skin

Patronus: Brown Owl

Messenger Owl: Brown Wood Owl (Name:"Barnabas")

For reasons mysterious to me and lost in my family's mythology, animals are attracted to me so I sometimes use other messenger animals.
These animals usually are of the same hair/feather/skin color as mine: a chestnut reddish purplish blonde brown. The brown wood owl or the chestnut mare are good examples.This common coloring marks the animals most affectionately attracted to me.
My messenger animals are always marked on their left ears.
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