Hi, I'm Angie, a gay teenager living a daily life at Hogwarts. I enjoy cosplaying and fan-fiction!
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My Backstory
My mother and father were both pureblood, and we were a very happy and content family. When I was 5, I showed my first signs of magic use, when I accidentally set the bacon on the pan on fire even when it was drenched in water. I got my letter from Hogwarts when I was 11, I was very happy to make some new friends! When I came out to my parents, they disowned me and I've been living at Hogwarts ever since. In the summer holidays I usually go to a friends house or even a motel/hotel. I am overall enjoying my life, even though I've had my ups and downs! I have an owl named Pippa that keeps me company, and I can send letters to everyone that I like to!