Levy Mcgarden
⊂•⊃_⊂•⊃ I'z like Percy Jackson, Anime, and Steven Universe otay?
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My Backstory
Hi! I came from a small kingdom called Fiore! My name is Levy Mcgarden. My house is Ravenclaw and I've always wanted to be a Beater!!! I LOVE books and a special guy named Gajeel Redfox. <3 And he nearly killed me when we first met! :) I hope that I make friends, I was apart of the Fairy Tail guild back in Magnolia ( that's in Fiore) and I will remember all of my Fairy Tail friends.ESPECIALLY YOU LUCY, YOU SAID I COULD READ YOUR NOVEL!!!!! Anyways I hope this will be the best 7 years of my life!
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House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Mastiff
Wand:Cedar, 11 inches, Unicorn Hair Core, Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility