Ace Noir
Hey! I am Ace, proud Slytherin from the pure blood family Noir. I have 2 sisters and another brother.. Siblings.... *sigh*
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My Backstory
Aye there! My name is Ace Wolf Noir. I have two sisters and one brother, Lunis, Nikita, and Alex. I have to say I am Pure-blood and a Slytherin at heart. My Husky-Wolf mix, Alaska, is the sweetest girl ever! I often go to the lake, you might find me there with my siblings. Hope to see you around!

Name- Jace Noir(call me Ace)
Profile- male, semi tall, white/blonde hair, pale skin, and grey eyes.
Personality- loyal, competitive, fierce, and cunning.
House- Slytherin
Wand: Aspen wood with dragon heartstring, 13", and sharp tipped.
Patrons- Wolf
Animangus- Dire wolf
Hobbys- Chilling(XD), hunting, sports.
Family- Noir
Born- North America
Blood Purity- Pure Blood
Family members- Lunis and Nikita(sisters), Alex(brother)
Pet- A female mystic Wolf-dog(husky) named Alaska.
Other- has a family owned magic called Au De la Lune Noir.