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Very Complicated

Gender: Male|Age(?): 19|Hair: Jet Black, short-medium length, textured/Semi-messy|Height: 5'11"|Eyes: Completely black|Extremely thin|Unnaturally pale

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{Actually important to current OC stuff in the first two 'paragraphs'}

Azazel: 'The Scapegoat'/And an angel of death, a name given to him.
Devlin: A last name he gave himself, of Irish origin, meaning Descendant of the unfortunate.

Appearance(more detailed-ish, and in the third person) :

'Azazel' is very unhealthily pale, to the extent of the unnatural-ness being easily noticeable, unhealthily thin, and stands at about 5'11". His hair is semi-medium length, as well as somewhat messy but still acceptably normal, jet-black in colour, and easy to maintain. His appearance in age would likely be about 19, maybe 18. Most often, Azazel wears a dark blue hoodie, either unzipped in the front or a pullover, and a plain white T-shirt under it, with average blue-jeans, and black converse high-tops. The jacket he usually has, typically has two, symmetrical, OCD-looking slits down the back of it, which he put in the jacket himself. He has a few noticeably non-human features, such as a pair of small jet-black horns right about at his hairline, and large black-feathered avian wings, which are proportional to his body, originating from his back, his wings being the reason his jacket has cuts in it. As well as his eyes, which are unnaturally completely black, with as some would say a soulless look to them. He gives off an aura of cold, which varies in temperature, depending on his emotional state. In relation to this coldness, he has no body heat, nor does he have a pulse, as well as not having to breathe. Another couple of inhuman traits of his are his fingernails, which are more like claws, and teeth, sharpened to points and seemingly filed. [Will likely be removed from profile upon finally drawing a good profile picture (Lol that's never going to happen)]


So! You're here, reading this, which means either a: you've clicked the wrong thing on the page, or 2- no, b: you wish to know more about me. Well, I don't usually divulge my past and/or present information to strangers, but right now I guess it couldn't hurt to tell just a bit of surface info.

Let me start off by saying I'm not a normal human being. Actually, if we're being honest, I'm not a human being at all; I'm something called a Time Lord. And by 'not normal', I should probably explain why; the name you probably saw already, Karma, well, he and I are one in the same, Karma being one of my alters, as I have something called 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'; more commonly referred to as Split Personality Disorder. Usually, I, Elijah, am the dominant personality, but not too many years back, I completely lost control to Karma. He took the opportunity to give himself more control, but his plan backfired immensely. A certain someone, who I will not be going into much detail about, took apart most of my life in the small period of time in which Karma was the dominant alter. He made me a human using something called a Chameleon Arch, with the help of Karma, promising him he'd be in complete control, as I would be too confused and weak to do much of anything. At that point, the other, named Zachariah, decided he'd grown bored and decided to leave the weakened, human, Karma and I on our own, on earth, with no means of remembering our real past, and without any form transportation to travel through time.

Karma lead a relatively normal life, until he became a student at Hogwarts. It was at that point he met three other students, who majorly impacted his life. Barely a week or two after meeting said students, one of them up and left. He didn't really stay in touch with the other two; going back to his original plan of being a loner, and learning magic.

Two years later, the ex-Gryffindor student returned. Once again, Karma's life became more so chaotic than usual. After a few more major events that he tried to stay out of, he ended up revealing some of his old, lifelong problems; His- or rather our, split personalities. One of them at least. Me.

Not even a few hours after the previously Gryffindor student met me, they 'helped' me to discover my former, Time Lord self. It wasn't too long after that I returned to my travels, yet now I seem to hang around Earth much more than usual. I really don't understand my sudden fascination of the planet, but I also don't mind.

Recently; due to events and occurrences that were mostly caused by one of or two other people, I've gained a personality, Elliot, the German inventor and scientist, or as he occasionally calls himself, Das Wissenschaftler, 'The Scientist'. Flynn, my Irish and more childish alter also resurfaced lately, and so have Amber, the female Welsh insane one, and Liam, the Canadian. Crowe also was one of the first alters to resurface, however I've realized there's something much different about him. He's still a sociopath, meaning he has no emotions, but he hasn't been showing much of his more.. 'Unkind', tendencies. Such I will not complain about, as it is a good thing he hasn't. Carson and Evelyn have yet to make a re-appearance, but I am all too aware that it won't be much time before they finally do. As of late, I've gained two more alters, unfortunately one doesn't have my and the other's best interests in mind, Amalīna, a female Brazilian. Maeve, my Australian sounding alter however, is highly sociable and friendly, as well as good at remaining calm in unfortunate situations, unlike how I rarely am able to cope with everything that's been happening.

And then, well, it all ended. For me, at least. And my alters. I didn't listen to caution and my better judgement, and got myself into a pretty bad situation. Sent back in time, to a time and place I never wanted to be in again, I decided to try to rescue those who should've died, instead of escaping as fast as I could. I payed for my emotions and compassion, and regrets, with my life. More than just my life, my soul, but I guess both could kind of be considered the same... After telling someone who could be called a demon, I would allow him to take my soul, in return for the rescue of my dad, brother, and sister, who were supposed to die, said 'demon' kept his end of the bargain. So did I. He allowed me to be killed at the hands of my own brother, who was brainwashed. My older brother, who I had always looked up to, strangled and beat me to death. Brutal, I know. How am I telling all of this if I'm dead? Well, that's complicated...

{Here is some more information on all of the alters, in the order of which they became alter personalities:
Name| Eye Colour| Accent

Elijah|Emerald Green|British
Crowe|Bright Red|Deeper American
Karma|ElectricBlue|Higher American
Liam|Dark Brown|Canadian
Flynn|Canary Yellow|Irish
Carson|Apricot Orange|Scottish
Evelyn|Light Lavender|Hispanic
Amber|Storm Grey|Welsh
Amalīna|Dark Violet|Brazilian
Maeve|Dark Blue|Australian}

-= ^ Information kind of not pertinent to Azazel =-

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