{infp - leo - service dog handler} {Nifflers are my life ok} {favorite characters; Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Newt Scamander, Luna Lovegood}

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I'm an aspiring magizoologist, a service dog handler, and a complete dork;
-I am 16 years old
-I live about three hours north of chicago
-I own a niffler!!
-I have a service dog for a variety of reasons (no, I am not blind)
-I'm a muggleborn (no-maj born??)
-I was afraid of the harry potter movies until age 7
-I have kept almost every type of pet rodent-nearly all hamster species, gerbil, rat, mouse, guinea pig, etc
-I am hopefully getting a Leopard Gecko soon, who will be my first reptile
-If its an animal, its right up my alley, basically
-Im also really really bad at social interaction so sorry if I come off as peculiar
-ALSO most people find me annoying, so theres that.

[icon art is by atalienart on tumblr!!]

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