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I shall never be forgotten

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lived with her father after her grandmother erased the memories of those she cared about. Her siblings and rest of the family as well as close friends memories were wiped clean when she was ten cause her grandfather named her the next head of the Sibuna family that resided in the states. HEr grandmother was not thrilled with that, and wanted someone she could control. But cause she could not control Willow nor her father Alisha Sinuba made the entire family forget, erased the memory of the two. They moved to London where her father had been working, Alisha's memory curse could not reach that far.
She attended school excelling in defense against the dark arts, potions, and herbology. Charms was her least favorite, but she studied in order to make sure she would one day break her grandmother's curse on her siblings. She did her best and stuck her nose to the books and took up dueling club to be the best since she wanted to be an auror like her mother was before she had died due to a killing curse, the man that did it was caught and imprisoned at azkaban. She became an auror after she graduated hogwarts. She didn't really care for muggles much other than keeping the peace between the two worlds. But she continues to study in her spare time to break a curse she did not know had a way to break it. She keeps to the london area as her home mainly in the forest with her father. Where she has her garden for her down time and making potions and healing tonics. She keeps her friends close, as close as family. She works hard to one day become a top auror, being how she is still a young auror, she had a long way to go.


Hair: Golden blonde and wavy
eyes: red dragon eyes (inherited from her father)
skin: pale
fav color: green and black
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