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Okay, quick note, I like to makeup backstories and histories while RPing, but I’ll give a few that I often use…


Common Information

</body> Name: Dominique Loraine Tyler
Patronus: Phoenix
Blood: Half-blood

Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Hazel. Green in the center outlined dark brown with golden flecks
Hair: Golden blonde
Skin: Warm beige and freckled

Sexuality: Verified as Bisexual by the Scarf of Sexual Preference
Relationship Status: Dating the wonderful Rowan
Pronouns: She, her



Hogwarts Student

</body> House: Ravenclaw
Favorite subject(s): Charms, and potions as a subject but not a class.
Least favorite subject: History of Magic
Wand: 13 3/4" Maple wood, single phoenix tail feather core
Special Abilities: A seer of sorts, has dreams of the future, attempted and failed animagus
Family tree:

Dom was born and lived the beginning of her life in Phoenix, Arizona with her muggle mother Helen Tyler, and wizard father Roland Tyler. Her mother didn’t know her father was a wizard until after they were married and it was a difficult thing for her to deal with. When she was 5 and showed my first signs of magic, her mom left and she moved to London with her father. In London, they took in Owen Nott, Dominique’s cousin after her aunt, Ada Nott passed away. Dom grew up with Owen, treating him like a brother and never anything less, but when it was Dom’s time to go to Hogwarts, Owen began to show signs of a hereditary disease, common with a pureblood background like he had. It wasn’t very long until Owen passed, Dom had just started her second year when it happened and showed almost no signs of grief. She buried the pain, and to this day refuses to talk about Owen.



Alternate History

</body> Wand: 12" Maple wood, single thunderbird tail feather core, Dom made the wand herself but rarely uses it as she was taught to use magic without a wand.
Special Abilities: A seer of sorts, has dreams of the future, very good at nonverbal magic, potioneering and has invented a few spells of her own.

Dominique was raised by her single father, Roland, on a self sufficient farm. Although she was down to go to Illvermony, she stayed at home and learned a nontraditional way of magic from her dad. From a young age, she had a knack for potioneering and picked up her father's transfiguration skills. Like her father, Dom moved away from home at 17. But unlike her father, Dominique was encouraged to move, to explore and see more of the world then the provincial farm.

More Characters, History and Information to Come…
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