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Hey everyone, my name is Payton and I'm a proud Ravenclaw from a very long line of Ravenclaws. The Sorting Hat knew, probably before I even walked up to the stool, which house I was going to be in. I've always been very smart and treasured intelligence. My favorite classes...well I can't really choose just one can I? But I do like Ancient Runes and Arithmancy...perhaps a tidbit more than the others. If I was forced to pick a least favorite, I would have to say anything involving history...but that's like a chocolate lover saying that dark chocolate is his or her least favorite type of chocolate. I am a pureblood, but only back about three generations; my great, great, great grandmother was a half-blood, her father was a Muggle. I suppose being a pureblood makes life easier for me, but so many of those old prejudices have been abandoned. I am intelligent and witty though sometimes I tend to be a bit ditzy and distracted. I also throw myself into my assignments and into studies and tend to forget to do important things like eat, sleep and get some fresh air. Once I graduate, I'd like to be either an Auror, a Wand-maker, a professor, or a spell-writer; or perhaps a combination of those. It's a difficult decision. I love magic; I don't know what I'd do without it! My barn owl, Poseidon, is my best friend even though he tends to get an attitude at times. I also have an albino cat names Mystic who wanders around the dorm. My family name is well-known but I don't really tend to notice anyone noticing my name; I'd rather gain renown on my own merit. We all get along rather well, though as I understand it, I have an odd cousin who's family is...different the rest of us.
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