Dax Hammond

Student, Natural Animagus

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Dakota Hammond was born to muggles and very surprised to have gotten his Hogwarts letter, but had been much more interested in the owl when it arrived, having a natural fascination of animals from a young age. Dax was of course a hatstall, as the Hat had far too much issue trying to figure out whether the young wizard was more of loving heart or open mind. The choice between HufflePuff and Ravenclaw was difficult, but as the child kept asking questions on how the Hat itself functioned, the latter was chosen. He showed skill in potions and transfiguration, but didn't have much patience for other classes and was only passable in those.

In his third year, Dax began to wonder about transfiguration. He began to wonder since objects could be turned into animals, and even animals into different animals, could he do the same to himself? He had seen McGonagall as a cat several times by now, so he knew it to be possible. There was just the problem of figuring out how. After some study and a few tries he found himself to be a natural animagus, taking the form of a marsh harrier. After that discovery he found out he was not a natural flier and had to spend a few months teaching himself how. He wasn't an adult, and so did not register himself.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Wand: Beech Wood and Unicorn Hair. Eleven and a half Inches, surprisingly swishy flexibility.
Patronus: Marsh Harrier, same as his animagus form.
Owl: Female Short-eared named Coffee Baby

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