Logan Delacour
   Stranger <3
Holds large grudges | likes baby animals | city boy | member of the BVB army | very gay | listens to weird music | loves Jasper| owl me :P
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My Backstory
Age: 18
House: Slytherin
Patronus: python
1st year DX
relationship status: dating Jasper West <3 <3 <3
Hey guys,
My name's Logan, I'm an eighteen year old Slytherin

At the age of 9, my adopted dad told me I was a wizard after living in a completely muggle world my whole life. He taught me too fly, spell, charm, so on and so forth. I have two little siblings,Finn Storms and Aspen (muppet) Storms... I honestly would like to tell you something interesting but I was born and raised in paris but I can speak quite a few languages.

*is ashamed of Kärt* XP

and now, a brief message from our sponsors:

I love you so so so much babe you're the best boyfriend in the world and you're irresistibly cute!!! Thank you for always being there for me and always being awesome, I care about you and think about you more than is humanly possible. <<< science.

ps. You know I love you more. it's a fact. you can argue all ya want, I just love you more <3

RIP Tyler, Hayden, Regulus, and Eddie <3 <3 <3