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here is my short intro text... I have no clue what is expected at this point... hi there... 'sup ....

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I was immediately sorted into Slytherin as I am a pure-blood witch - but please don't assume that makes me a bad person! - Throughout my bloodline, many of us were Slytherin and I am proud to be so, despite the minority of unsavoury characters that my house churned out. Yes, I'm ambitious, but it has made me stronger and more resilient as I have needed to be. Can you imagine (all you Ravenclaws, Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs) being looked at in disgust, or frowned at just for wearing your house colours? To be refused service in a shop for proudly wearing your Quidditch House Captain badge?

I'm beginning to understand why some of the past wizards and witches have turned to the Dark Arts. It can be very lonely being ignored on platform 9 and 3/4, being whispered and giggled about as I spoke to the Thestrals at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, or from being from a pure blood family of Slytherins that did not follow The Dark Lord... I don't agree with his methods, but ... I do see why he felt such pain from others that he wished to harm them. It's tough being a Slytherin.

I like to take as many classes as I can, as I love to learn (Oh? How come I'm not Ravenclaw? Well you try being a parselmouth with a pet adder that everyone caught you talking to on the platform at King's Cross and see how many prospective Ravenclaw's want to talk to you! The Sorting Hat said I had the aptitude for Ravenclaw, the strength of Gryffindor and bravery of a Hufflepuff but the lineage of Slytherin. I explained that I was a Slytherin and how I would begin to change people's minds about us.) One bad wizard and a group of terrified lackeys and everyone thinks I'm a Pure-Blood Elitist or a Mass murderer.... this is not true.

I am excellent at potions and duelling - My father's family are not from here, so he attended Durmstrang, and he taught me from an early age to fly, duel and make potions - and I excel at transfiguration and charms (those are mum's specialities!) as mum wanted me to be more well rounded.

Speaking of mum, somewhere along the lineage we're connected to the Black and Rosier family - and therefore by marriage to some not so great witches and wizards, and to some who have... improved over the years. I have met a lot of famous 'Dark' witches and wizards (family get togethers, weddings, Pure blood mixers, that sort of thing,) but I have also met some of the famous 'Good' witches and wizards. Honestly, some of the Dark wizards were kinder to me than the "Good" guys... for real. So don't judge by appearances... get to know people... don't presume you know someone from how they appear.

I love magic, I love being a witch and I am proud of my heritage. I want to aim high and be the best - others may see this was arrogance but amongst my Slytherin brothers and sisters this is ambition and dedication.

I have a pet adder called Slick, as I am allergic to fur and feathers (yup, not ideal when your post makes your face swell!) So our post actually comes via our House Elves - we treat them well and they have clothes and their own annexe too!! - named Fliss and Flack and then they deliver the mail around the house!

and that's me... I think.
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