Sunny Moretti Whitehorse
i love animals, music, and magic. I DO NOT DEAL WITH FUCKIN FAKES. Insta @sonya_archer Wattpad @sonya_archer imgbb
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My Backstory

I was adopted on January 31, 2006. (irl)
IRL Full Name: Sonya Michelle Archer
IRL DOB: June 16 1999

Sister(s): my twin is Altea "Tootsie" Finnigan, Ro lovey Diggory, Tessie Lupin, Bree Forbes, Molly Black-Moretti, Eris Moretti, Britteny Moretti, Isabella Lovegood, Nanthini Thorne, Tori (IRL sister)

Brother(s):General Emil of Braith, Charles Moretti, Jacob Moretti, Ron Weasley, Liam P.

Children: Rin Arial Storm Moretti and Rusty Airi Storm Moretti, Edalyn Grace
Gryffindor, Paisley Shea Gryffindor, Harper Kane Gryffindor, Aiden Oliver Gryffindor, Aspen Garrett Gryffindor

HiH Husband: Justin Whitehorse
Patronus: King Cobra
Wand: Yew Wood With a Unicorn Hair Core 12" and Unbending Flexibility
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Hair: short and black
Blood: 95 % wizard 5% muggle
Zodiac: Gemini (irl)
Eyes: Brown (irl)
Species: Wolf and wizard
Style: COUNTRY all the way.
Gender: Female
Music: Country and 80's Rock

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