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Hi, I’m Rose Hope. I am a Hatstall since there’s many reasons, I could be placed in Gryffindor for my bravery or in Hufflepuff for my hardworking self. Eventually the Sorting Hat took my thirst for knowledge and placed me in Ravenclaw.
My wand is Maple wood with Phoenix feather core. 12 1/2 inches with quite bendy flexibility.
My patronus is a Black Stallion.
Favorite Classes: Care for Magical Creatures, Charms and Potions. I found History of Magic to be slightly tedious, but enjoyed it nevertheless as well as excelled in that class.
I am a pureblood who knows both Magical World and Muggle World. My blood status never really seemed to make a difference in my world. My greatest strength has always been my silver tongue and smarts. My greatest weakness has always been my extreme loyalty, it always got me into more trouble than I bargained for. After finishing school at Hogwarts I followed my passion and fascination for wand making. I feel the most fascinating thing about magic are the creatures and wands. I use my magic to achieve things for others and myself that I cannot do the muggle way. I really wish sometimes that I would have been a normal Ravenclaw witch, rather than a complicated mix of all houses as well as a wolf animagus. But, everyone single one of us is unique so am I! I have many pets such as a; beautiful phoenix, a black hippogriff and a screech owl. Most of my pets are more like companions, we have the occasional fights but most of the time they are calm. My family is well known for being a powerful one, my father was a powerful Slytherin with my sister following in his footsteps. My mother was a powerful Ravenclaw, with me following in her footsteps. I graduated with Draco, My middle sister is a fifth year snake, my youngest sister has yet to attend Hogwarts. My family has always gotten along with the Malfoys quite well. My father having graduated with Lucius, they are best friends. We are a very social family, we try to get along in public, but at home we have a tendency to get on each others nerves and argue and fight till we each eventually give up and head to our rooms. I am best friends with Draco. I consider him as an older brother and he considers me his little sister. I give credits to Severina Malfoy for the help on my backstory set up!

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