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My Backstory
Name: Emilia Roseburst


Year: 1st

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Ilvermony House:Pukwudgie

Wand: Blackthorn Wood
Unicorn Hair
10 3/4"
Hard Flexibility

Patronus: Great Grey Owl

Being a Slytherin from a predominantly Gryffindor home isn't easy... at all. Not only do I get bullied by my older and younger siblings (which I have 3 of- 1 older 2 younger) I have to deal with the neglect my parents have shown me. Even after all these years, there is still the stigma that all Slytherins are evil so I really can't make friends either. The closest person to a friend I have would be the Headmistress and that's only because she can understand my situation, though I don't think she's gone through the same. But being short with an acne problem also doesn't help my popularity problem, but I do get complimented on my eyes a lot.

I fancy Transfiguration and am often told I should have been a Ravenclaw, but I disagree. I don't gather knowledge simply for knowledge, I gather knowledge for power. I do enjoy writing though I will never publish- it is merely a pastime. My other pastimes include enjoying nature, reading, drawing, and playing games. I am determined to learn how to get electronics to work around magic! Ever since I saw a t-tel- television, I believe it's called, I've been hooked!