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(Younger Student) When I received my Hogwarts Letter, I couldn't believe it. It seemed so unreal, yet at the same time it made a lot of sense. I'm muggle-born, and all the other kids would tease me about being 'a freak'. I remember one day, I was playing in the playground in 1st grade and I was able to do things none of the other kids could do. I could jump off the top of the play set without getting hurt, I would slide down the top of the tallest tunnel-slide and jump off the swing when it was at its highest point. You could say I was a bit of a daredevil. I was pretty ambitious too, because from a young age I wanted to play every instrument. I can play the bassoon, oboe, piano, flute, trumpet, euphonium, percussion, violin, clarinet, saxophone, and guitar. Once I learned about the wizardint world, I got as many books as I could find about it. I learned quite a few things before Hogwarts. I tried to narrow down what house I will be in, but I couldn't. I'm brave like a Gryffindor, loyal like a Hufflepuff, clever like a Ravenclaw, and ambitious like a Slytherin. I've got a few goals for myself: I want to O.W.L in Charms, DADA, Potions, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Transfiguration. Probably won't be able to, but I at least can try. I also want to be able to cast a patronus and become an Animagus, I think that would be helpful and fun. I would also like to be on the Quidditch team. I think either a Seeker or a Beater.
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