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I am a proud Slytherin, the Sorting Hat barely reached my head before making a decision. I enjoy Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, as they pertain directly to my future career goals of working in the Ministry. I can't stand Transfiguration, although my marks in that course have always been incredibly high. I am a pureblood, my family hasn't had any contamination through the centuries we've been around. Pureblood status makes life a lot easier, especially in terms of You-Know-Who's desire of a hierarchy.

I have a black cat, named Salem. Yes, ironic I know. Salem knows my entire family's secrets, even ones that I do not. He has been in our family for 13 years, my father brought him home one day after seeing him in a shop window. The only truly intriguing thing about my family is that our history with the Dark Lord was essentially inevitable. After a long streak of being heavily involved in the Dark Arts, following Lord Voldemort seemed like the next logical step for my parents. For that, I am eternally proud, especially with its formation of my ties to the Malfoys.

I believe my greatest strength would either be my lying capabilities or my ability to manipulate others (those traits certainly help when they have something I need). I like to think that I have no weaknesses, although the result of someone toying with my emotions may lead to my demise. Once I finish school, it's off to begin work with the Ministry, hopefully earning enough respect at the bottom to eventually rise to the top as the Minister. I feel that the endless possibilities of magic are what make it so incredibly fascinating. I believe that magic can be used as both an aid to others and for personal gain, though how one brandishes their magic is entirely up to the individual.
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