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irl - 23 years old and my names Samantha, Anything else you need to know just shoot me a message!

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So, my name is Allegra Elise Lavelle but you can call me Ally! Well its less of a request and more of a demand, my name is Ally. Anyways i assume you are here to know a bit more about me, lets see what i can tell you. Im in my final year at Hogwarts and I absolutely no idea what i want to do with my life. I was sorted into Ravenclaw in my first year and I was so excited! I tried my hardest to live up to the house and i did it! Unfortunately I was never really into the whole friend thing. But after I lost my father and twin brother a few months ago I realized that I no longer have anyone to talk to. So this year is dedicated to making friends that might just last after i leave school. Im a little tall for my age but so was my brother and my father, I stand at roughly five foot eleven inches tall and i have red hair that falls almost below my butt. I did inherit my others green eyes. Though you may never know it's natural, as I am a Metamorphagus, It came as quite a surprise to my father when i was quite young. He would often lose me amongst the children at the park because I often change my hair color as often as i change my clothes. Although as I grew up I came to love my red hair and it normally stays the same unless i am in a mood. My eyes on the other hand are always changing with my mood, so you will always know what kind of mood i am in simply by looking me in the eyes. I have a cat and her name is Jade and she follows me almost everywhere, sometime even to class. Normally you will find me relaxing with Jade by the lake or just sitting on the hallway benches still with jade by my side. Anywho i dont know what else I would tell you so if there is anything else you want to know you know where to find me!
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