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Read my backstory, pal. You might need it.

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+++++++++++ Prologue++++++++++

I am Alatar Shawcross, the last of his kind, the last magical of Shawcross bloodline that died out after the muggle WWI in Germany, mingling with the muggles and never have any magical until I was born. But never make a mistake as I am an orphan of the war, the war of muggle racism that outgrew even pureblood-muggleborn feud in British Nation. Raised in the most haunted orphanage, St. Pole in the outskirts of Manchester, I war raised more by the haunted spirits and demons that resides on our land for past centuries long, fascinated with my being, or so they said. The patrons didn't acknowledge me, an odd and freak one, she said. I didn't let their opinion of me tainted by their clouded brains, wasted by years wasted on racism and how different I am that I may as well a Childe of the most wicked evil beings out there, my friend, Aglia the Demon, took offense the most on the statement. I help my friends when they bless our orphanage, disturb the very essence of runes resides under the floorings, our magical rites stomped upon. Until one of my friends were mad and burn the place.

I might be evil as I didn't help my fellow mortal, but do they also help me in the time of need ?

I met a man, an acquaintance of Aglia, an Unspeakable of the Ministry. He helped to raised me for my remaining years after the orphanage. He had a debt and promise to kept to Aglia, so he was bid to my words, and Aglia's. He was kind and helpful so far, So I didn't have any complaints. As an Unspeakable, Mr. Flint works as custom wandmaker as a cover in the outskirts of Knockturn Alley. In those duration of time I lived with him on the room at the rooftop, I help him out with the shop, learning wandmaking as a hobby and necessity.

When I get my letter it was the time I know : It's the time ..

+++++++++++ Character Information++++++++++
Name : Alatar Elohim Shawcross
DOB : 31th Oct, 1994
House : Ravenclaw
Eyes : Amber brown
Hair : Curly, shoulder length dark brown
Height : 6'8 inch (175 cm)
Weight : 132,2 lbs (60 kg)
Familiar : Crow
Blood : Muggleborn (or Halfblood)
Sexuality : Bi
Wand: Dryad and Ash wood, 12 3/4 inches, with a core of Huldra's cow's tail. Good for mind magicks and Dark Arts.
Hair: Slightly long, very wavy, dyed brown.
Eyes: Medium slanted pale blue
Biggest fear: Sharp objects suddenly thrown at me
Dream job: To be an Unspeakable or wandmaker
(The model/ face claim for this character is Alexander Vlahos, because I find him in Versailles and have a big man crush for him and think, 'Oh, It suits him')

+++++++++++IRL Information+++++++++++++++
Name : ask me
DOB : the same except for the year
Country : Lithuania (born) Georgia (now)
Sexuality : Bi -》 Gay
Profession : Army (past) Bodyguard (past) Security Guard (now)
Hobby : Reading fine literature, hiking, go to cinemas, travelling, gymnastic, break dance, weaponry collecting, fencing, shooting, philately.
Pets : Samoyed doggos
Language :Georgian, Northern Kurdish, Russian, Svan, English, Chinese, Arabian, Spanish, Italian, and Laz.
Marital Status : Divorced


“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.” — Yoda

I want so say some things :
1. I might not enrolled in TOEFL or IELTS preparation courses nor I enrolled in language-orientated colleges, but I do have some pretty decent grammar and enjoy long and thoughtful correspondence, so I hope we can share the courtesy.
2. I do welcome any language in many forms, especially slangs and meme-spoke. if there any dialects I don't recognize, I'll ask you about it. I hope you are willing to show me ;)
3. I want to join a lot of Rps and make some by myself. I will tell you if it's closed or I won't updating anything in near future so anyone doesn't have to wait too long.
4. No racism agendas and something similar. I fed up by encountering the same problems irl, so I also want to avoid the same thing in this site.
5. I am open to any suggestion and will kindly reject your suggestions if I didn't find it to my liking or way too far. I tend to avoid rps that have some extreme trigger warning like rape, pedophilia, incest, suicide attempt, excessive torturing scenes, etc. I used to serve in Army so I have my own portion of horror and avoid to have the same problems to as stated in point (4).
6. I welcome any sort of imaginative writing and character background, but I tend to avoid character background that set way closely to canon or canon divergence with self-inserts. I am okay with God-Mod as long as I can return the courtesy or go along with the adjustment. Please don't be offended If I couldn't respond to any of your rp, I just want us to have a mutual fun(
7. Multifandom is okay as long as I am the part of the fandom also,
8. have fun !

+++++++++Important RP (ONGOING)++++++++++++

Important RPs:
(Book and Culinary Club-ravens and snakes only allowed for time being-quota 2/20)
(Dark RP-theme undecided-looking for someone who can give me some plot)
(Cafe-need another people to join)

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