Axel Morgan

Protector (Ghost)

Axel Morgan- Died 1947, Expert on dragons and dragon care, Official Ravenclaw Ghost, pleased to meet you.

  • Joined February 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 0 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Canada


When I was young (you know, when I was still alive) I was an artist. I loved art so much, and I painted constantly, though I found that this didn't offer much money, and after a long period of consideration, decided to move onto a new occupation. Regardless, to this day, I miss holding a pencil in my hand and sketching out a new plan for a new piece. Soon I worked in northern Canada as a researcher to discover new species of dragons. I grew a liking to an aquamarine dragon, a new kind that no one had ever seen before. Her name was Jade, she was my companion. She soon grew bigger than I, and we flew everywhere together. We found new species and brought them back to the main research center. However, once, when we were bringing back an injured hatchling, we discovered that Lord (I'm dead already, I can say his name. What's he going to do? Kill me?) Voldemort had been fighting the caretakers of the new species to reach them and take them for his own. Now Jade and I weren't going to let that happen, so I dove in front of an incoming spell that was going to hit a caretaker holding an egg. Unfortunately, it killed me. Jade, while I was dying, swung her mighty tail and sent Voldemort flying through the air. Needless to say, he never came back. So now, I protect those in need, using whatever means of magic I must. Dumbledore made me Official Ravenclaw Ghost when I came here, so this is where I spend my time. I might watch from the shadows and appear when the time is right, or I may shield those who have a good heart constantly, offering my friendship. The name's Axel, by the way. I hope to see you around, even if you won't see me.

Appearance: Axel is 6'0", quite tall, British. Though she is Caucasian, the entirety of her being glows with a greenish transparent aura, along with her skin, as she is a ghost. She wears a shorter robe with a long cape, with hiking boots on her feet. Her hair is short and shaved on one side. Her nose is small and buttonlike, and her ears to match.

Traits: Spunky, mischievous, wise, knowledgeable, understanding, and kind.
Orientation: Lesbian, but not out to many, as in her time, it was a crime to be gay.
Year of Death: 1954

In the muggle world, this person is a Junior in high school, and takes AP courses for a psychology degree. She is taking French as a hobby, and hopes to attend college in Quebec.
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