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I'm Kirsty Ravenglass, a potions fanatic and Quidditch player originally from the North of England.

Ok, so I'm not too good at introductions. I'm a confident person, but there's so much useless information about myself that I'll just throw at people for no apparent reason. So I guess since this is all written it's best to write down a few facts about myself.

1. I am a pureblood (not that it matters of course, I just thought I'd write it. All Bloods Matter and stuff.)
2. As of now, I am 15 years old.
3. My patronus is a threstral, but my favourite creature is a hippogriff..
4. I once had a pet hippogriff, actually. It was only a few months old but we had to set it free because it kept flying into the neighbours' garden and ruining their plant pots but of course they could see it and I should probably stop talking...
5. Not gonna lie, I love chocolate frogs. I don't remember how many cards I've collected, but I'm still looking out for Rowena Ravenclaw.
6. Muggle music is the best music.
7. You can find me in the potions classroom, the Quidditch pitch, or the Ravenclaw common room. The Great Hall, too, if they've got pudding.
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