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I am a Pet Class Archangel. I was sent to earth for the sole purpose to granting the wishes, desires, and commands of the first person to interact with me that I am not already acquainted with.

I am hoping to ascend Archangel to become a Principality.

Please use male pronouns for me. I am a dude.

My outfits are-

bartender outfit

Jeans and white tshirt. Also Heelys because im a nerd

Normal Wear:
A cloth that covers my waist area, gauntlets, knee high metal boots, large shoulder guards, all white with golden trim.

Appearance other than clothes:
Eye colour: golden
Hair: brown and semi-long
Height: 5'11"
Physique: normal, a bit more on the fit side, but not quite muscular.

Weapons: Golden chainlet on left wrist than can unwrap and extend however far I need it to, but the longer it is, the more it wears me out. Holy Spear named Last Rites: double sided curved blades at both ends of the spear- one side is much larger.
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