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— if you talk enough sense, then you'll lose your mind

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The result of the union of a Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, Miss Calliope Calaway's sorting into Slytherin was a surprise to say the least. An avid reader from a young age, it was expected for the studious young girl with a voracious appetite for books to be sorted into Ravenclaw. This, however, was not the case. While the Sorting Hat did momentarily contemplate sorting Calliope into Ravenclaw, it was swiftly decided that the better fit would be Slytherin. After all, she was the embodiment of all the traits characteristic of a Slytherin: skillfully cunning, ambitious to a fault, exceedingly resourceful, and, of course, pure-blooded.

Flash forward five years. Now a sixth year, Calliope is near the top of her class. While the Slytherin girl still resembles that clever, quiet girl she once was, a darker, crueler side has emerged in the sixth year Slytherin. Her once studious, careful nature has been replaced by a new cold, arrogant girl with a penchant for darker, ancient magic. This dramatic shift in personality has been caused by her reckless yet careful ambition. She is motivated by the desire to wield more power and knowledge than everyone. The sixth year won't stop until she has achieved her goal by any means necessary. Calliope has quickly managed to alienate almost everyone she once held dear.

Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge has led her down what could potentially be a dark and treacherous path. There's only one question to be answered: how far will Calliope truly go in pursuit of power?


In reality, I'm much nicer than my character. I'm a Slytherin, INTJ, and 15 years old. I go by Calliope or Cali on this website. I spend a lot of my time studying, but when I do have free time, I'm usually making graphics for my characters or helping my friends with their latest crisis. The faceclaim I usually use for my character is Antonina Vasylchenko, but I use Phoebe Tonkin on occasion. My character will grow and develop as I see fit. She will most likely not remain as manipulative and power-hungry as she currently is.

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