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My name is Sterling Atwater. I'm a proud Ravenclaw girl who wants nothing on earth more than to be a real Magizoologist someday. Sometimes I get mistaken for a boy, but I don't really mind. It just gets confusing sometimes. I asked for directions to the bathroom once...

I remember getting my Hogwarts letter, At first, my two Muggle parents thought it was a prank. They know how much I love fantasy and animals, so it would 't be a surprise if the bullies at school were trying to get my hopes up. It took a long time and a lot of letters before they took it seriously. At first, they didn't want to let me go. They've always been overprotective, and learning magic was not something they considered safe. If it wasn't for Amberline and her mom, I don't think I could have gone. Amberline had been my best friend since we were 9. Imagine my surprise when my family learned that she was Half-Blood, and that her mom, my old babysitter, was a witch, just like me! She managed to convince my parents to let me go to Hogwarts, and I now live mostly at her house. I'm afraid that if I go home, my parents might change their minds. Amberline and her mom took me to Diagon Alley as well! The coolest part of Diagon Alley was picking my pet, a Barn Owl named Shiba. She's so pretty! I just love animals and my little secret? I'm planning on getting another pet sometimes soon! I can't imagine life without a cat. I might finish with “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” before school even starts!
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