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The very day that I had received my Hogwarts letter I knew my future was already going to be set up for me, and all I had to do was make the right choices (not that I have much anyways). When I got to the sorting ceremony I just new right away that I would be sorted into slytherin, because that is the same house that all my ancestors were sorted into.When it was my turn the hat immediately shouted "Slytherin!", and I was excited to join my fellow slytherin family members. I would say that my favorite classes would either be potions, charms, or DADA (defense against dark arts). The class I am least looking forward to is the history of magic. The class I think I will do particularly well in but will not be very fond of is transfigurations. I come from a long line of pure-bloods. My blood status has affected me in both positive and negative ways. It affects me in a positive way because I am higher up on the "totem pole" I guess if you will. It affects me in a negative way because like my father, I have more of a chance of becoming what other witches and wizards call "a bad witch".During the time that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power I was only a year old so I'm not really sure of what all happened at that time.I would say my greatest strength would be my dominance and confidence. My greatest weakness is that I have to go to my father for everything and I can't be my own independent person. After I finish school I plan to continue in my father's foot steps and take over the manor.I feel that the most fascinating aspect of magic is the mysteriousness behind it. I would only use magic to help the ones I love, other than that I would use it to further my own ends. What I want more than anything in life is to be successful and to find love so that I'm not cold hearted my entire life. I have two pets, an owl and a piggmy puff, The owls name is Kato and the piggmy puff's name is Luca. They are normal compared to the other pets at Hogwarts, and they are both very well behaved,The only thing that is interesting to me about my family is the fact that we come from a long line of pure-blood witches and wizards.

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