Madeline Connelly(Maddie)


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Maddie looks and acts like a total tomboy. Nimbus 2001, determined smirk, raised eyebrows. You'd never see her in a tight pink dress. She's a metamorphmagus and her hair is usually a dark brown, died blue and purple at the tips. Her eyes are a striking storm grey. She's pretty tall, a Quidditch queen and talks back to people a lot. She was not a hat stall but the decision wasn't immediate- because of her intelligence the Sorting Hat briefly considered Ravenclaw, but Ravenclaws are usually polite and you wouldn't say Maddie was polite. She's best friends with a ghost named Lilac Rose at home, but nobody believes her.
Also a secret werewolf.
Pretty morbid sometimes, drawing dark anime pictures and reading dark arts books from the restricted section (not like she would ever use them)

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