Anu marvolo riddle
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My Backstory
Born as a muggle so it was completely impossible for others to believe that I am a witch . But at 11 i started feeling weird things happening to me cause it was my first time but then it was like a part of my life . I am a parcelmouth dont know how , my patronus is a tonkinese cat , my wand is beech wood,dragon heartstring 12 Inc.i always do things with weather when sad i make it rain, anger-strom , rain lightining, happy i make it like its spring season. In love with nature
Age 14 going to be 15
Born oct 11 2002
Fav animal dogs , cats and snakes too
Fav. Subject-defense against dark arts , dark ats too, charms and potions
Relationship -single
Sexuality- straight
Gender female