Kai Romulus
   Chaser, Werewolf
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My Backstory
My character is a half-blood Slytherin. I am a descendant of Tom Riddle. I am not evil, but I am not perfect. I don't like people to know my heritage because I am afraid the will be afraid of me. I am very interested in becoming an Auror for MACUSA. I have ran to England to go to Hogwarts. I am small with dark brown hair. I can be mean, but are normally flattering. I am also a werewolf who was bitten as a child. My parents hated me and abused me. They thought I was too nice for a descendant of Tom Riddle. They sent my uncle, who was a werewolf to kill me. I stabbed him but not before he bit me. I ran to Hogwarts to put my past behind me and start a new life.