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Hey, I'm Fayee. I love to use all different arts such as dancing, sketching, and drawing. I love fashion and shopping and can't wait to start learning

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Fayee grew up in the midst of a magical wood in Derbyshire. The home she grew up in was a large, old Victorian Manor, that had roses climbing up the side of the house. It was perfect for Hide-And-Seek games when Fayee was younger. One of her favourite rooms in the house was the circular room in the turret were she could witness spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. It was there that Fayee did most of her artwork when she was younger

Although fayee's main home was in Derbyshire, her parents also own a ouse in Kensington, london, and have a chateau in the south of france

Fayee's parents are both magical, though her mother didn't go to Hogwarts. Her mother is an extremely beautiful witch (which is where Fayee gets her beauty) who was born and raised in France and, as such, attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. After graduating, she then carried out her dream of being an artist in France, until she met an English wizard ( Fayee's father) while he was on a trip around the world. They immediately fell in love and Elodie ( Fayee's mother) agreed to move back to England with James (Fayee's father). Fayee has visited Beauxbatons on several occasions as her mother became firm friends with the headmistress, and likes to visit her when they go on summer holidays to France. Fayee's father James attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor like so many of his family before him. His favourite subject at school was Care of Magical Creatures and, after he graduated, he went travelling to research different magical species. This was where he met Elodie and, once he returned to England, he got a job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, working in the sub-department of Animal Welfare, as he believed that some magical species were still being treated unfairly. After getting married they bought a house in the middle of a magical forest, as this helped James' research on magical creatures and Elodie's passion for art by providing her with sensational beauty

Fayee had a busy childhood as she didn't go to a muggle primary school (although she had attended ballet class at a dance school during the weekends for 8 years). She taught herself Math, French (helped by her mother), Muggle and Magical History, Science, all the old magical and muggle myths, the different stars in the sky, Herbology (helped by the fact that she was surrounded by plants ) and the Ancient Runes alphabet. She grew up knowing the different magical animal species because of her father’s job and the fact that she lived in a forest that contained magical animals. Her father also let her help with any simple potions that he had to make and her mother taught her different painting and drawing techniques. This all meant that she was well prepared when she went to Hogwarts and allowed her to be near the top of all her classes.

Fayee loves to swim but she has a fear of going too far out and will get extremely frightened if she is more than a few meters above the ground when she is in the water. Since she is only 4'8 it means that she can't go into the really deep parts as she wishes she could. This is because when she was 5 and wanted to learn how to swim properly, she managed to drift into one of the really deep parts in the lake near her house. She sank like a rock and although she tried to move her tiny limbs to get to the surface, it didn’t work, and she just kept on sinking. She remembers trying to scream and water filling her lungs as soon as she opened her mouth and then everything went black. She woke 3 days later, in her bed, with her mother sitting anxiously next to her. Her older brother had been able to pull her out of the water before she drowned, but she no longer likes to swim in the deep area.

The seasons were perfect where she lived. It snowed in the winter (sometimes with a little help from her parents). In the spring the forest was alive with new life, blossoming flowers and the hum of bees. It was hot in the summer but they could always go and cool down in the small lake near their house. The autumns were truly magical, as the whole of the forest turned to crimson and amber.

She used to have a brother called Henry who was 7 years older than her. He was sorted into Hufflepuff (their father was a little disappointed that he wasn’t keeping up traditions by being in Gryffindor, but was pleased all the same). He was a very mischievous pupil, but exceptionally clever, and was an amazing seeker for the house team. After he graduated, he started to train to be a healer, until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died just before Fayee went to Hogwarts. It was her brother that started her burning passion for becoming an Auror, after he said that she would make an excellent one because of her intelligence and eye for detail. Losing her big brother, who was also her best friend, was the most painful thing that Fayee had ever experienced and she promised herself that she would make him proud.

Fayee also has a younger sister, who is 5 years old. Her name is Bella and she looks extraordinarily like her older sister, except for the fact that Bella has blue eyes instead of Fayee’s green ones. She is very mischievous, deadly and shear-witted, and spends most of her time trying to catch the fairies in the woods. Fayee cares about her little sister more than anything else in the world and would never let anyone hurt her. Bella got upset when Fayee had to leave for Hogwarts, and Fayee misses her a lot when she is at Hogwarts, but knows that Bella will come to Hogwarts with her eventually. Fayee sometimes gets upset when Bella can't properly remember her older brother Henry and tries to do everything in her power to make sure that Bella remembers all the happy times they have shared. One way she does this is by giving Bella Henry's old crow, Thorn.
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