Violet Slytherin
"What you think there's someone worse then Dumbledore?" "J-Justin Bieber" "...Good one Goyle."
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My Backstory
First Name: Violet
Middle Name: Anastasia Elizabeth
Last Name: Slytherin
Family: Mum (dead), Dad (dead), Aurora (sister), Tom Riddle (cousin), Delphini Riddle/Diggory (cousin), Lia (sister)
Patronus: Runespoor
Friend(s): Cassidy Lachlan, Amira LeStrange, Atlas Walburga Black, Madison Osiris, Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger
Bloodstatus: Pureblood
Height: 6’4 by the time the war is over
Blood Type: AB Negative.
Wand: 15 Inches, Elder Wood, Thestral Hair Core- Aka Elder Wand
Age: Depends On Roleplay but same year as the trio.
Best Class(es): Potions and Charms
Relationship Status: A happy Single Pringle Irl But Taken In Most Roleplays Unless Said Otherwise
Quidditch Position: Seeker
Loyalty: Hogwarts, Slytherin Family, (Somewhat) Weasley Family, (Somewhat) Malfoy Family
Organization(s): The Dumbledore Army, Death Eaters, Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, Order Of The Phoenix.
Amortentia Smell: Fresh Mint, Citrus, Laughter (it probably has a scent), Gunpowder, Fireworks
Enemie(s): Pansy Parkinson, Cho Chang.
Favourite Musical Quote: "Veronica why are you pulling on my dick?" Heathers 2014
Favourite Movie Quote: "Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw do I look like Mother Teresa?" Heathers 1989