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My mother was a Ravenclaw and my father was a Slytherin. They were both purebloods and my mother had a sister. My mother's niece, my cousin, Grace, is a Slytherin as well and is in her first year the same as myself. I try hard in my classes but I do not flaunt it around when I have a high grade..... unless it's an O. I enjoy learning about Magical Creatures. The classes I most focus on are Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Herbology. I have an older sister, named Evelyn, who married a muggleborn and they live happily in France, she is 20. I also have a younger brother, named Ethan, who is a year old. Evelyn was in Ravenclaw like our mother, her husband, Jacob, was in Gryfindor. Evelyn was a Chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team. I have to work hard to live up to Evelyn's reputation, she had straight O's and she was a Head Girl. I am often treated like a child by my cousin, Mason, along with Grace. My mother is a stay at home mom and my father is a successful business man. I was sorted into Slytherin like my father. Grace and I are often mistaken as sisters or twins because of our similar looks and interests. My sister helps out at Beauxbatons. I am often found in a book or watching my cousin doing Qudditch at either of our family's homes. I am often over the top when I support my family or house, even if I have to duel. I am decent at dueling but I prefer not to so I don't get points taken off for Slytherin. I don't usually make the first move in a duel. I am usually a good student but I do sneak out sometimes to study in a quiet space. I enjoy the thrill of sneaking out into the forbidden forest, even if I am warned against it. I have a pet cat who is a beautiful brown tabby named Robin for my favorite bird, she usually stays at home because she escapes and explores a lot. My family owns a number of owls, my favorite being Whitewind. I don't focus on dating, I mainly focus on making my family proud. I do sometimes have fleeting crushes on boys that I get over quickly, mainly if they make me mad. I don't usually cross my friends, but the friend I am most loyal to my cousin. I enjoy flying on our family Hippogriff, and playing with the family Crup, it's a shame we had to get rid of his adorable forked tail. I am very strongwilled *Cough* Stubborn *Cough* sometimes. Unlike my cousin I get work in on time. I don't have many friends, I just hang out with my cousin and her friends.

I have dark brown hair and bright green eyes.

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