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Hi all, I have been developing this character over the past week without a game to play him in; the concept was so exciting to me I had to get it fleshed out in hopes that I will one day have an opportunity to use him. I feel that this character would be satisfying to play due to the nuances of his conscious vs. subconscious motivations. He also has a somewhat unique and (hopefully) effective combat style that will set him apart from the average paladin.
All my life, I've dreamed of being a hero like the ones in the stories.
When I was a young boy, my father would return from his travels with many incredible tales and songs that he had heard or written; mighty warriors triumphing over evil and earning the praise of all who heard of them. My two older brothers wanted to become bards like my father, to meet these heroes and sing songs of their deeds, but I never understood why they would settle for witnessing the greatness of others; I wanted greatness for myself. While they studied their instruments, I went outside, pretended our garden tools were weapons, and fought great battles in my imagination.
As I grew older and my father's journeys kept him away for increasingly long periods, I spent more and more of my time watching the local guards practice and keeping the blacksmith company, admiring his handiwork. Some of these men saw my potential and began to teach me, informally at first, but soon I was joining their training sessions and became the blacksmith's apprentice as well. I would only return home to sleep and eat, unless my father was home; I would neglect my responsibilities to listen to every story he would tell me and dream of having songs sung of my own deeds someday.
One day, word came that a small army regiment was making their way through our land, making trouble in each town they entered, and would be passing through our town in a few days time. The town was frightened and the guards promised to protect them, but we all knew there were not enough of them to do any good. I rallied the men of the town to stand up and protect their homes, and taught them some simple fighting techniques they could use with their farming tools. When the army came, they were not expecting a whole town to be waiting for them, ready to fight, and after a small conflict they ran like the cowards they were. The town thanked and praised me and I reveled in their admiration.
Soon enough, I left home and began my training as a paladin, the mightiest and most righteous of all heroes. I had never cared much for religion, but I found a god who saw that my devotion to helping others was true and accepted me to be one of his warriors. With his help, I will become a man of legend in my own time, and stories will be told of me in every tavern and home in the land.
Though he believes he is on a mission to fight for good and defend the defenseless, he is really driven by the desperate need for the approval and praise of others, believing deep down that becoming famous will mean he has value in the world. This comes from the lack of attention and interest from his father, who spent most of his life adventuring and praising great heroes instead of being there for his family. The dream of becoming a famous paladin is an attempt to earn his father's love and respect.
As such, he will behave honorably and as truthfully as possible, but may manipulate people and situations if he believes it will help his reputation. He pays lip service to being a selfless hero, and will display false modesty when he feels it is expected of him, but can't help but brag about his accomplishments in hopes that he can impress everyone he meets. Becomes depressed and angry when things don't go his way. He is in denial about his true motives and behavior and will vehemently defend his honor if any incongruities are ever exposed.
He will rarely turn down a request for help or opportunity for adventure, but will ultimately make decisions based on what would make the greatest story and bring him more fame, rather than what is really right or prudent. His god supports him despite his selfish motives because he is effective in his battle against evil and any glory the paladin receives reflects back on his god as well.

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