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My Backstory
Name: Melody Black
Hair: blonde
Style: emo, but does not often wear makeup

The description is me irl. Everything is true besides the name, and I am not ALWAYS dressed emo. The description is also somewhat for my character.)
I post a lot of vent posts and song lyrics
Currently taken (so no romance in rps unless I know it is completely platonic)
I am currently 16, so yes, I am a minor. NO SEXUAL RPS.

My name is Melody Black and I am the daughter of Sirius Black. Call me Padfoot Pup if you want to, it's what everybody my dad associates with calls me. I'd rather you call me Melody, but I don't object to the nickname.
Hair: curly, blonde
Eyes: blue
Species: animagus
Animagus form: black fox
Patronus: fox
House: Ravenclaw
Style: somewhat emo
Personality: smart, but likes to get into trouble and play pranks. I take after my father and his sneakiness, but I'm not an evil person. I love to mess around (not LIKE THAT) with friends, hang out and roleplay, and read.
Favorite class: potions and astronomy
Hobbies: reading, pranking, sneaking around the school, ballet

Despite how depressing I can get, I hope to make friends here. I do not discriminate and I support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. I hope you leave talking to me happy, and I apologize if that is not the case.