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Hello. Shimada Mitsukuni, foreign exchange student from Japan. I don't sleep. I shitpost.

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(I am here for a lot of rp, don't be shy!)

Patronus: Asian Dragon
Amortentia: cherry blossoms, incense, petrichor
Wand: 14 inch sakura wood, dragon heartstring

I am Shimada Mitsukuni, please address me as Mitsukuni-san. I enjoy being a Slytherin. I am glad I was put in this house and not loud Gryffindor, lazy Hufflepuff, or single-minded Ravenclaw. Slytherin is a house for leaders, for people who are going places in their life. Currently, I enjoy all classes except for Astronomy. I see no point in learning about stars and planets when all you need is upon Earth.
I belong to along-standing pureblood family. The Shimada-gumi are a noble family, owning our own ancient mansion within Tokyo. I have two sisters, Yuki and Haruhi, both younger. Haruhi is insufferably lazy and apathetic. In Yuki's case.... I do not believe I have ever seen her sit still. She dresses in the most obnoxious mix of harajuku and lolita, so all you can see is a flash of neon and she's gone.
My parents were alive during Lord Voldemort's reign, and were seemingly untouched by his hand. I am unsure as to why.
My greatest strength is my critical thinking. I am an excellent strategist and an expert in martial arts, archery, and swordsmanship. Since I have these skills, I plan on following in my father's footsteps once I graduate. The Shimada-gumi gain most of its riches through trade and diplomacy, so I hope to hold a position as a diplomat in the Ministry of Magic.
In my opinion, the most fascinating aspect of magic is how deadly it can be. I have always been in awe at the fact that a simple utterance and a flick of a wand can take away a life in the blink of an eye. Even when I was younger, I always seemed to figure out hexes and wordless spells alarmingly quickly. I still refuse to apologize to Yuki for the last incident. She stole my pocky for the last damn time.
I have two pets, Soba and Saki. Both are blue-grey Japanese Scops owls. Soba is overly loving, and tends to fall into a depression if I do not visit her every day. Saki couldn't care less.

A few things Mitsukuni does not tell you:

His father is a Yakuza crime lord. The majority of the trading his family does is cursed objects and illegal creatures. His family was also directly affiliated with Lord Voldemort and was a main provider for supplies.

Soba and Saki are actually a Japanese dragon variety that can shapeshift almost undetected. However, to remain in a state that is not their original, they have to be given water from their homeland every single day without fail. He uses Soba's "depression" as an excuse.

Mitsukuni may act cold and distant but is very insecure and currently having a sexuality crisis ((hint: he's hella gay and in denial, and his sisters tease him for being tsundere. He kind of is.))

Mitsukuni is an absoloute sucker for romance novels and westerns. He will never, EVER admit to this, but is usually reading them. If he's caught reading them he'll internally panic and shove it in his bag.

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