Violet Evans


"After all this time?" "Always,"

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My name is Violet Evans and I look like my profile picture.

I'm in Gryffindor because I'm brave and bold, I've got nerve and will-power. I am a close hatstall because I am also witty, loyal, artistic, determined and resourceful.

My favourite classes are charms, astronomy and history of magic. I try my best in all my classes and study hard.

I am muggle-born, though I have magical relatives. Some people, mostly Slytherins, sometimes bully people like me for it, though I can stand up for myself, yet sometimes getting into trouble. I was in England when You-Know-Who rose to power, and it was a fearful time, and i am luckily living through it.

My greatest strengths are finding the best in everyone even if they can't find it in themselves. i am fairly talented in at Quidditch. My greatest weakness is that I am extremely stubborn, meaning i can get into trouble for trying to duel someone. I'd like to become an Auror and then go on to teach either potions or defence against the dark arts at Hogwarts. I haven't graduated yet, though I think I have the essentials to get my dream jobs.

Well, I'd do both, so for example, as soon as I can do magic out of Hogwarts, I'll help my muggle family with any duties, but I'd like to do that for my self when I get my own house.To have my dreams become reality, no war nor world poverty. Yes, I have two, a black kitten with white 'socks' and a snowy white owl, with emerald eyes. The kitten is called socks, it has really nine lives and it is very cute and wild; my owl is called fluffy, because of its fluffy feathers, and it is very loyal and sweet.

My uncle, who works at the Ministry, is a pure-blood wizard and my auntie is too. With my family? Well, my older sister is quite annoying, but all siblings are, although i get along better with my other sister Lily, my mother is very kind and intelligent, my father is witty and hard-working. My uncle is honestly really annoying, but my auntie is super fun and sweet.
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