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I`m a Hufflepuff student, which was not at all shocking for me when the hat made it`s decision.I do have all the traits required, although friends often look long and hard at me and tell me they think I`m more Slytherin-like, but I know the hat was right.Although, I do prefer the Slytherin colours.I look wicked in green.
My favourite subject would have to be.....all of them!I couldn`t possibly choose just one, they`re all so..magical.Sorry, I`ll just take my bad pun and go.I wish I was good at Quidditch, I mean, I love to watch it and all, but I`m absolutely rubbish at it.
I`m a halfblood, dad`s a wizard, mum`s a muggle, so I knew about magic and the wizarding world from a very young age.I knew about all the dark happenings in it, too.My parent`s used to discuss it in private, but I was and still am very nosy.Can`t keep my nose out of other people`s business, my family tell me that`s why it`s so long.
Well if I was born with a nose that long it`s not my fault that it's everywhere.
My greatest strength would have to be..hmm..that one`s hard.I suppose my greatest strength is my ability to work so well with others, my leadership abilities and overall open nature.I grew up being the oldest of several children, so these are things you have to learn in those cases.
I`m overemotional.That`s probably my greatest weakness.If I`m ever late, I work myself up into fits of hysterics, if someone shouts at me unfairly, it`s the hysterics again.I don`t want to be so emotional, but I have been ever since I was little.I also suffer from extreme panic attacks, but these are not caused by anything.They`ve come and gone at random since I was about 10 years old, which is a pretty long time when I think back on it.
I`ve always been into theatre, so after I graduate I think I would like to get into that.Or law.Whichever I get into first.
I like magic for the way it can do anything and everything.You can use it for good, you can use it for bad, and you can use it to get around the price of aeroplane tickets!
If I`m quite honest with myself, I don`t think I`d use magic for good or bad.I am sort of rubbish at it, so any good I try to do will probably end up bad anyway.I do try though, I try very hard but it seems to be no use.I like to watch other people use it, however.It looks brilliant when others do it.
At the end of the day though, I don`t think it matters how good I am at magic, as long as I`m happy, healthy and most certainly well rested.
I have a pet dog.A gorgeous husky, Nala.She`s probably the only sane one in the family!She`s been around since I was little, she`s getting proper old now.I`m afraid she`ll be gone this year or next.
My dad`s real strict, but only out of love, and my mum, my mums a nutcase but we love her. My younger siblings are, well, exactly that.Younger siblings.Mental younger siblings, and all boys.I`m the only female child, my parents must be blessed to have me.
Despite all this love going around, we argue- a lot.Over the smallest of things, obviously.Nothing huge.Just your average "who`s-doing-the-dishes" "tidy-your-room" malarkey.

So that`s me, I guess.
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