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Growing up, Dakota had known all about the wizarding world. His mother, a former Gryffindor elite and keeper, had taught him about many things and prepared him after his muggle father left them while Dakota was merely 21 months old (He is the only one who knows he is a half-blood). Despite being taught by and born from a Gryffindor, the sorting hat placed him in Ravenclaw for his incredible knowledge (for a first year) and willingness and wanting to learn, all topped with the fact that he is a very artistic and creative person. it was a very tough decision on the hat's part, but he felt Dakota would learn better and grow more in Ravenclaw. His favorite classes are brewing classes and broom flying. The class he despised was the dark arts classes. Every dark arts teacher was the same, smug and confident until something goes wrong. He gets good grades in the class, but feels as if he would make a much better teacher. His greatest strength is either his potion making expertise or his musical talents, but his weakness is the fear of the Unforgivable Curses, which leads to somewhat of a fear of wand battles. After he graduates, he plans to start a music career and possibly run a magical music store in Diagon Alley. He believes the most fascinating thin is how Music and Magic can work in perfect harmony, and that musical magic should be used to help others. What he truly wants is to be known as the greatest magical musician the world over. He owns a pet cat who is quite peculiar, solid white with green eyes, (it's name is dax), and an owl with white and bronze feathers and amber eyes (named Rowena after the founder of his house). His parents are split up.
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