Alinwa Quill
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My Backstory
Having travelled with my parents for most of my childhood, it was a bit of a shock when I was told I had to stay at Hogwarts for 10 months of the year. My mother is Japanese and argued that I should go to Mahoutokoro for a better education but my father argued that Hogwarts was just as good and wouldn't budge on it. Mum is a researcher in magical properties of feathers and Dad takes part in the family business of collecting and selling feathers, quills.
I got sorted into Hufflepuff, which I suppose is because I maybe don’t really fit into any of the houses in particular.
I like to run around the entire castle, discover every nook and cranny. It causes me to be late to class sometimes, because sometimes I forget the time and I’m at the wrong end of the castle, but at other times I can take shortcuts which let me be the first student to turn up. I love exploring and going on adventures. Though Hogwarts is big enough for me for now, I’m sure I will be restless by the time I graduate.
I learn best by doing, practical lessons are my forte, but understanding the theory and having the knowledge to do your own thing is way cooler.

Wand: Cypress wood, Dragon heartstring, 12" and hard flexibility