Ryan Del Rey


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Name: Ryan Del Rey
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Birthplace: North Scotland, United Kingdom
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Hufflepuff

Attending School: Hogwarts
Occupation: (2nd Year)Student
Dream Occupation: A career in divination

Wand: Redwood, Unicorn hair, 11 3/4”, Slightly Ridid
Pet: Tabby Cat
Patrnous: Tonkinese Cat

General Appearance:
Moppish light brown hair, blue eyes and clean eyebrows. His nose is slightly lopsided with his cheeks being naturally rosy red. He has a large, contagious smile and has little facial hair. He has quite rough hands and pale skin, with his arms being slightly tanned from a recent holiday. He’s average in height, and wears his Hufflepuff robes in pride.

Family History:
The Del Rey's have always had a significant reputation within the magical community. During the European Witch Trials, it was said that the Del Rey's had saved many muggle lives from being hanged or burned. It's with this reputation of kindness and compassion that allows them to be one of the most respected families within Britain and Europe, of course not without competition. The Del Rey's have always had a strong partnership with the Honey family and the Hufflepuff family.

Further History:
Miss Cecilia Honey, a woman who devoted her life to the study of herbology and can be noted for being one of the youngest witches to enter the field of herbology, writing detailed descriptions of her findings within the British hidings.
Mr Gerick Del Rey, a man who struggled in his early years to find himself a practise of work, due to his drastic liking of change. He eventually settled into a career of History, where he studies the magical history and the impact it has on our current community.
During 1987, the two met during a convention where they both shadowed representatives of their respected fields of study. Cecilia Honey had fallen over whilst attempting to carry a large pile of books with several species of plants noted. Gerick Del Rey had introduced himself after offering to help her back up, after she had introduced herself as well, he noticed the familiarity of her name. Being a avid lover of history, it was no surprise that he had researched deeply into the history of his family, where he saw great friendship between the two families. The two connected, and from that point a further relationship began. The two were married in 2005, after the birth of their son in 2004. They continue to be happily married presently.

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