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If you would want to do a long-term rp please owl me or post on my wall:D

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My name is Alexis and I'm a 15 year old student at Hogwarts. I was sorted into Slytherin immediately (it's a no-brainer for me). I'm also a pureblood and don't you forget it!( jk blood status isn't THAT important). I have a black cat named Hercules which was a gift from my parents when I got my letter. Since I have an older sister who is in Hufflepuff (sometimes I think my parents brought the wrong baby home the day she was born) I knew what Hogwarts was like and Diagon Alley and all that but I was still so excited. Hogwarts has always been my favorite place. My favorite subject is Potions though I love DADA as well. I have friends in pretty much every house but let's be honest, Slytherin is by far the best.
Other info about me:
Appearance- long, dirty blonde wavy hair, I'm 5'3 and have dark brown eyes
About me- my favorite book is probably the Book Thief but I love Hp and It as well. I love horror movies and thrillers. I'm completely obsessed with musicals and I'm always making references to them. I'm extremely sarcastic.
Please feel free to owl me or post on my wall, I'd love to get to know y'all:D
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