Lyra Snape
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My Backstory
My name is Lyra Camille Snape and I am a half-blood. I have a twin sister called Lyla Giselle Snape, but we're like total opposites, well I guess I'm social and sporty and she's well.. introverted! But once you get to know me I can be just like her :D People say that I'm a half girly girl-half tomboy and I agree with that! My mum was a muggle, her name was Giselle Celeste Allard, my dad though was a wizard his name was Severus Snape, you may know him as the schools Potions Professor. My sister and I both like the same subjects at Hogwarts, Astronomy and Potions and we have most of the same friends. The external differences between Lyla and I is that she has freckles, I'm slightly taller and I have a lighter shade of hair.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird
Wand: Cherry Wood with a Unicorn Hair Core 13 ¼" and Quite Bendy Flexibility
Patronus: Dragon

Birthday: 30th of October
Hair Style: Beachy Waves, Usually Tied Up in a High Ponytail or Dutch Braids
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Preferred Clothing: White Dresses, Pastel Tops, Heeled Boots, Ripped Skinny Jeans, Denim Jackets and Leather Pants
Accessories: Silver Heart Locket, Charm Bracelet, Gold Ring
Likes: Traveling, Sports, Food, Friends, Secrets, Rebellious Things, Socializing and Shopping
Dislikes: Insects, Liars, Disorganized Things, Fake People and Two-Faced People
Hobbies: Shopping, Reading, Tennis, Quidditch, Swimming and Sharing Secrets With Friends
Family: Lyla Giselle Snape (Sister), Severus Snape (Dad), Giselle Celeste Allard (Mum), Coco (Pet White Cat) and Mystique (Pet Snowy Owl)
Friends (Main): Lyla Snape, Charlotte Potter, Audrey Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Daphne Greengrass