Emily Elicia Edwards
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My Backstory
I'm a Ravenclaw, but, the Sorting Hat also considered putting me into Slytherin. Everybody says I'm the biggest Ravenclaw they know, but, looks like there is that sparkle of Slytherin inside me. At Ilvermorny, I'm a Thunderbird. Fun fact: When getting sorted at Ilvermorny, all the houses chose me, but I picked Thunderbird. I don't have a favourite class, but I have more of them; Divination, Potions, History of Magic, Astronomy, Magical Theory and Muggle Studies. I don't really have the least favourite class, but I'm not that interested in Herbology. I was pretty good at it, but never liked it... I'm a half-blood, but didn't know that till I got my letter. My mum is pure-blood, and my dad is a muggle. It is great that I was raised as a muggle because that way you get to know both worlds better. Five things I'm scared of: Loosing my loved ones, Being expelled, Spiders, Bugs, Small spaces. I am a wand maker and I've worked with Ollivander for a little bit and made my wand! I'm going to be the best wand maker of my decade (At least Ollivander said that....)! One thing that I want in life is adventure. Going trough different situations is the point of life, right? I don't have any pets, but I would not mind a cute West Highland Terrier (A.K.A. my Patronus). I love reading, dancing and just being creative in my own way...