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My Backstory
I am Hermione Chase from Gryffindor. I named myself after Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. I am a muggle-born.
I was so damn surprised when I got my Hogwarts letter since I was a muggle-born and had no idea about magic. Thought I was dreaming. Cause I dream all sorts of stuff and an owl delivering a message that said I was a witch and was accepted at a magic school can be one of those strange things I dream.
I'm really enjoying Hogwarts."Cool place, Hogwarts." I usually say when people ask me about my experience at Hogwarts. The classes here are very interesting and the friends I got here are very helpful. VERY cool place.
And yeah, my actual name is Vaibhavi. And I don't know why I made my backstory so formal. I'm usually not so damn formal. Or maybe it's not all that formal.