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Hi I'm Nicolas Delphi, Brother to Emilie Delphi ( Emilie Delphi [ Slytherin] is also a Hih member. )I was sorted into Gryffindor 2017/9/3. But I have to say he was sure quick to say " Gryffindor ". I personally Enjoy herbology, History of magic, and Potions? I really don't like transfiguration it's actually rather creepy. I am very good at gardening at home, making new plans/ideas or business plans, my father and me are good at identifying certain trees, and I am also very very good at chess.


I am muggle born and don't know much about the wizarding world. People sometimes call me mudblood, I try my best to ignore it but... it hurts. I am rather good at being noble and true to my word, I always try to do the best I can according to others needs. I am rather weak when it comes to darkness, spiders, or large crowds.


When I'm done school I'm going to be a shop owner in diagonal alley, my shop name will be G.R.O.ings Herb And Apothicerie Shop. Now when I think of magic, I think it to be useful in all aspects of life, and everything, therefore I don't see any single part of magic more fascinating then the other.


If I had a choice to help my friend using a spell I knew, or to use the same spell for personal gain. I would choose my friend. I want more than anything to make my family proud, and to be able to truthfully say that I trust them. My family is huge we're a family of ten, and are most certainly not rich.


Animal Names:

Dog. Mozzie who is a Boston Terrier
and is 2 - 1/2 years old.

Cat Fluffy Bear and BobbySocks

Owl Maximus a Snowy owl who is
1 - 1/2 years old

Lizard Artimus who is a leapord Ghecko






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