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I could've gone to any house, really. I mean... Not Ravenclaw, or... Maybe? I dunno why I was sorted into Slytherin. It doesn't really make sense to me, but I'll definitely live up to everyone's expectations! I really love animals, so I think Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration are my strong suits. Maybe. I'm not really great at Potions, though, I'm too clumsy for it, but I'm studying extra hard to get better at it! Um... Muggle Studies isn't very exciting for me, since I am muggleborn— Well, there are magic people in the family, but none of my parents are witches or wizards. I think. But, uh, yeah, classes that aren't even slightly challenges aren't even slightly rewarding, y'know? But, Muggle Studies being boring is nothing compared to what other people have gone through... Who even came up with "Mudblood", anyways? It's completely unfair how most muggle magic people are treated, and maybe I could change that??? I dunno. I mean, I guess that might be a bit ambitious, wanting to change everyone's lives so drastically, but, I am a Slytherin for a reason. I think. That ambition might be my greatest strength, or my greatest weakness... Or maybe it's my clumsiness. Huh. What is my greatest weakness? Maybe it's my aspiration to be a teacher, or a writer, or... I'm so indecisive, aren't I? Well, maybe if I taught at Hogwarts, I could help students understand that not all muggles are bad. Or I could get good enough at magic to work at the Ministry of Magic, and then I could rise in the ranks and spread my message... Oh man. I really can't decide what to do when I'm out of school, can I? It's really so hard to figure out ways to help people, but I'm the one who signed up for this, I guess. Well, me and Sir Fluffy, my tuxedo cat. He's really just the sweetest thing, even if he's uppity and totally thinks he's better than me. Maybe he is... Or maybe he isn't. I dunno; I can't talk to animals.

Oh, I totally forgot! My wand is rosewood, and it's 8 1/2 inches and inflexible with a White River Monster spine core— It was my great grandfather's, but now it's chosen me.

...My favorite color is green, by the way. And not just because I'm in Slytherin!
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