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My name is Lauren and I am a Ravenclaw. When I was born, my parents said that had some unigue qualities. Like transforming into different animals and people. It wasn't till I got my letter than it all made sense. During my first week at Hogwarts, I tried not to transform in front of people because I thought they would think I was a freak. Than, one night, my dorm mates walked in on me transofrmed with dragon wings. They screamed and I untransformed and ran past them. I cried and ran until I realised I had run into the forbidden forest. As I was trying to get back to Hogawarts, I bumped into Hagrid.(literally. He literally jump scared me.) He took me to see Professor Mcgonagall and I thought I was going to get expelled. But she saw I was crying and gave me tea and biscuits. I explained everything to her and she made me feel better. The next day, my dorm mates came up to me and were asking me if I was okay. I realised that they were my friends and they didn't care if I was different. The next week, Mcgonagall hired a Metamorphagas professer to teach me how to transform into different creatures. Since then, I have been having the best time at Hogwarts
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